The Writer’s Table by Julian Simmons review 

Alden Rowe loves reading books with his grandpa, but strange things begin to happen after his grandpa mysteriously disappears. Alden discovers a magical writing table that’s takes him on a quest through worlds with exploding lanterns, cities rapidly moving in time, wild tornadoes, and underground burrows filled with dark fairies all to find out what happens to his grandpa. Along the way he meets some colorful characters that reveal secrets that uncover hidden powers of the writing table altering Alden’s journey and putting him in a race against time.” 

I received this book from the author for an honest review. All opinions are purely my own. 

Wow! Wow! Wow! This book was so magical. I was immediately hooked from the beginning. It reminded me a little of The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster with all the amazing adventures Alden went on. 

This paragraph in the book is what made me not want to put this down. Julian has a magical way with words. The twists and turns I never saw coming. 

I loved each character in this book. Specially Tula. I can just picture her in my head all spunky and colorful. 

I asked Julian if there will be another book. He said he’s hoping for book 2 to be out next year! Fingers crossed because I’m so ready for more adventures of Alden and these magical worlds. 

This is a fantastic middle grade book. It’s one I will read to my kids and I’m sure I will reread this book again and again! 

4.5 🌟

Julian Simmons
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