Did you know there was a Queer History Month?

Ok listen here I am a history nerd and I had NO idea this existed. Did you? It makes me excited. I know it’s already the end of the month but I decided to do a little intro blog about Queer History Month. Give a little background, post some book recommendations I found on my local libraries Instagram page and then starting in the New Year I will start doing blogs about a queer person throughout history.

I stumbled upon this when scrolling through Instagram on day. My local library (which I will post a link the their IG page at the end of this blog) had posted some information on it. I got really excited about that. I live in a well known conservative state but my library has been absolutely amazing when it comes to LGBTQ+ and making sure everyone feels included.

Little background on me…..for a long long time I always knew I was attracted to both male and female. Never really told anyone about it. (I was born in 1981, so growing up it wasn’t talked about as much as now). I did end up telling a few close people as I got into my 20s but it wasn’t until 2022 that I came out to the WHOLE world. I was tired of hiding. Plus I didn’t want my daugher to think she needed to hide who she is. While discovering myself I found that I was more than just Bi. I didn’t really care about gender to be honest. You could be male, female, trans, non-binary, bi….whatever…I will love the person for who they are, not what is in the pants. I’m sure that makes me many different alphabet letters so now I just call myself a proud queer! Plus I like saying queer.

Now on to how Queer History Month all got started….

’In 1994, Rodney Wilson, a Missouri high school teacher, believed a month should be dedicated to the celebration and teaching of gay and lesbian history, and gathered other teachers and community leaders. They selected October because public schools are in session and existing traditions, such as Coming Out Day (October 11), occurs that month.”

Below are the pictures from my local library’s Instagram page of some book recommendations and Queer people in history

Below are some links to the main Queer History website:

Queer History Month website

Metropolitan Library Oklahoma

I am really excited about this and learning about Queer people throughout history. I mean I am a HUGE history nerd so this is right up my alley!

Happy Reading Everyone!!!


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