Favorite Horror Books & Authors

So for this week’s podcast chapter (Anatomy of a Bookworm Podcast ) we decided to do our favorite horror books & authors. Since this Friday is Friday, the 13th! So here is my list….

NOS4A2 by Joe Hill: This was my second book by Joe and it is AMAZING! I do need to read the rest of his books. I’ve only read Horns and this one. This was the perfect book for me. Horror, winter, Christmas, vampires! I really need to reread it. Maybe this Christmas I will tackle that

Off-Season by Jack Ketchum: OMG! This book. The ONLY horror book to ever give me nightmares. It was fantastic! I recently found out that the hardcover edition that got released back in 2004 (the original publication year is 1980) is the unedited version. Apparently the publishing company couldn’t handle the content of the book and had him edit it. I plan on buying the unedited version to see what was left out. There are two other books in the series I still need to read, Off-Spring and The Woman. Both turned into movies. I watched The Woman without even realizing it was part of that series and the movie was really good. I will probably read the entire series, watch the movies and blog about it. Such a fun, creepy, dark and twisted story line

Needful Things by Stephen King: Ok so Stephen King is listed as a horror author. Most of his books are horror, some are not. I remember loving this book when I first read it. That was a really long time ago, I really need to reread it to see if my opinion has changed at all. This is definitely up there with the spooky, creepy, paranormal stuff King likes to do

Brother by Ania Ahlborn: This was the first book I ever read by Ms. Ahlborn and let me tell you, she quickly became a favorite author. So dark, so creepy, and it’s got cannibalism in it. I know! I would call her the female version of Stephen King. Girl knows how to knock your socks off! Man Now I want to reread this book as well!

Within These Walls by Ania Ahlborn: Yes, the queen of creepy made the list twice. This is my favorite book of hers so far. With Brother being a very close second. Within These Walls is a mix of the movie Sinister and Charles Manson cult with some paranormal mixed in. So amazing! And that ending! Whooo, yes! That’s how I like an ending done to a horror book. Great stand alone but could definitely have a sequel!

Here are a few authors that are like borderline horror. Like that are listed as horror but are more thriller, mystery, paranormal type horror but are ones I recommend

  • Zoje Stage – I have read Baby Teeth and it was good. I own Wonderland and still need to read it
  • Simone St. James – I have read The Sundown Motel and The Broken Girls. Can’t wait to read more of her books
  • Justine Larbalestier – I read her book My Sister Rosa and it made me look at my kids differently. I do need to read more of her books.

What are some of your favorite horror books & authors?


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