31 Days of Summer Horror – Day 7: House

“A Vietnam vet turned horror novelist returns to his boyhood home to find that it has been invaded by ghosts and ghouls.”

OMG this movie had everything I love about cheesy 80s horror movies! At first I wasn’t too sure what to think but once I got about 15-20 minutes in I was loving it. It’s not gore horror. You don’t even really see any blood. It has more of a jump factor to it. Now of course being at the age I am now it didn’t make me jump. Had I watched this as a kid in 80s (which I am an 80s kid) it would have made me jump for sure.

The actor was not the best. Typical 80s. But there really wasn’t any character or actor that annoyed me. I enjoyed their horrible dialogue at times. I have to say the old lady (the aunt who owned the house) was my favorite and we really only seen her a handful of times. But to me she stole every scene she was in.

Now to the creatures. For an 80s movie I think they were very well done. Sometimes that’s what I miss about horror movies is the realness of creatures. Ok this isn’t forming as well in words as it does in my head. Nowadays most things are done digitally, back in the 80s artist’s spent hundreds of hours making these creatures with their hands. I love that about this movie. It was so well done.

My favorite of all the creatures was the skeleton solider. He was great. And hilarious!

With that being said, I will probably check out the rest of the movies in this series at some point.


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