31 Days of Summer Horror – Day 2: We Are What We Are

“The Parkers, reclusive people who cling to ancient customs, find their secret lives threatened when a torrential downpour and the death of the family matriarch forces daughters Iris and Rose to assume special responsibilities.”

What in the hell did I watch? I knew nothing of this movie. I saw it on Rotten Tomatoes top 100 Horror Movies list. This was a weird one. I’m not even sure what to say. There was a creepy dad, creepy kids, strange town, a mysterious death. Oh and cannibalism 😳…that’s all I got. No other words.

I am off to a not so good start to my movie challenge. Let’s hope tomorrow is better….


Up next

This is my boyfriend’s favorite series. He said to start with movie 2! So this is where I’ll start with my introduction to the Phantasm world. Lucky enough he is off tomorrow so he can watch it with me before I go to work

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