Knightfall season one

So I watched History Channel’s Knightfall. I have been interested in the Knights Templar and I got excited when this show was about them. As someone who is a history junkie it can be difficult to watch historical fiction shows sometimes. So let’s get into my thoughts. I will start with my likes…

I love the drama in the show. The story line was well done and I didn’t get lost. There is a romance story line but it did not take over the story. It was woven in perfectly. The action scenes were amazing. Not too bloody but a perfect example of how battles were faught in that time period. I don’t know much about the Knights Templar yet so I don’t know how accurate they were with some things. But I do know that this actual story line is fictionalized. Some of the Knights Templar characters might have been real people but their story line is fiction. Which they do state before each episode begins. I do plan on reading some books I own and learn more about them. I will talk about those books at the end of this blog. As for the story line of Joan I of Navarre, wife of King Philip IV of France, there is not much known about her. I don’t think she would have cheated on the King but who knows. I could be wrong. But in any case I think they did alright with her. She died at a very young age, mid 30s, but it’s not known how exactly she died. Some same childbirth and some speculate that her husband, King Philip IV, killed her. I like how they ended her in the show.

Now for my dislikes…..

Ugh once again they screw up history. Yes I know this show was fictionalized but… can still get a good story line by sticking to the facts. Princess Isabella, daughter of Philip IV and Joan, was done so wrong. They really fictionalized her story line. She never intended to marry Louis, they have her way older than she was when she did marry. She was 12 years old when she was sent to England to marry Edward
II, son of King Edward I. There was already enough drama and good story line in the show that they could have left her more historically accurate.

All in all I did enjoy the show. While it’s hard to look past historical inaccuracies due to me being a history nerd, I am looking forward to season 2. Well done History Channel! You didn’t fuck up too bad ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚


4/5 Stars

Here are two books I own that are about the Knights Templar

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