Vision Board Journey

Hello Blog World! Well it is Sunday. Hope everyone had a good weekend. It was my weekend off! Yay!

So for this weeks Catch Up Sunday I am going to talk about my dreams and goals. I tend to thing BIG! Which is fine but… can overwhelm me. I tend to set VERY huge goals for way in the future. Like 5 years in the future. It effects my depression and anxiety big time. I had text a friend last weekend asking about a certain workout program (I will talk about Sherrill more in next weeks Catch Up Sunday. She is an amazing lady!!) and it turned into a mini therapy session on setting goals. I told her about my frustrations with goals and dreams and sticking with them. She suggested I try a vision board to try and stay focused. Brilliant idea! I loved it. I thought it would be a good way to set small mini goals. Things I could focus on in a 6 month time frame. That way I don’t become overwhelmed and discouraged. So I set my goals….

✴Complete 21 Day Fix Workout Program

✴ Loose 15 pounds

✴ Learn Meal Prepping

✴ Complete Medical Terminology Course

✴ Complete CMA Course

✴ Apply for LPN Program

So those are my first 6 goals. I picked 6 months because I didn’t want to go shorter but I will NOT beat myself up if I go over 6 months. Like the CMA course might not be completed within 6 months but I will be starting the class within 6 months.

Here I am getting my cards ready for the board. I don’t have ink for my printer right now so everything is written out, hand drawn or ripped from magazines. I added little helping words with each goal….

Here I am getting ready to cut and add all my goals to my board. It’s a work in progress…

My vision board. It’s not perfect and I want to decorate it more. But for the time being it works. It has helped the last week. My mind still has a tendency to wander to the far future but then I remind myself to stop. One step at a time….one day at a time. Of course I still dream of the day I get to leave Oklahoma and move to Oregon but I don’t let it overwhelm me. I think about my mini goals and how each one will eventually get to my end goal. I just have to stay focused. I also added positivity quotes.

After I complete each goal I plan to remove it from my board and put it in a journal with the date I completed it and how it makes me feel knowing I did it. That way when I get discouraged I can flip through that to show myself how far I have come.

I also want to add positive quotes to my bathroom mirror so I see them every morning….

Has anyone else done something like this? Did it help you???


Reading Update:

Last week I decided to pick up Ghost Story by Peter Straub. I was having trouble focusing on it because I was in a history mood so I decided to save it for October Spooky Reads. So I went with the brilliant Alison Weir (my history hero). I don’t know anything about Queen Isabella so I was very excited to start this. I am about 50 pages in and I have learned so much already.

This coming week I will start posting book reviews I am way behind on.

Hope everyone has a great week! Until next Sunday……

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