Arachnophobia by Nicholas Edwards…Book/movie review

“A scientific expedition to South America has discovered a deadly new species of spiders. When one of the spiders is transported to California, it makes its way to the home of Dr. Ross Jennings. He’s terrified of spiders.

Now the spiders are beginning to multiply…..”


This book was way too short in my opinion. 119 pages is all it is. This was writing at the same time as the script and published the same year the movie came out. So it’s basically verbatim of the movie. Nothing is different. But I still loved this book. It would have made a pretty freaky book if it was expanded into a novel. Maybe someone can take the concept from this book/movie and turn it into a bigger, more scary novel! (hint hint).

I love all the characters in this book. Specially Delbert McClintock (John Goodman’s character). His humor is hilarious. I also enjoyed Jerry Manley. He was the short-lived photographer at the beginning of the book.

It’s hard to review this book when there isn’t much to it. I just overall enjoyed reading it and reliving some childhood memories of watching the movie.

I gave it a 3/5 stars despite enjoying it. I just wish it was longer


So I rewatched the movie for like the millionth time. It will never get old! A classic in my opinion. I just love the idea of these killer spiders but they made them normal size instead of going out of this world crazy with this big ass spiders that are so unrealistic.


I was really impressed with the webbing designs too. For a movie made in 1990 they did a pretty damn good job with all this.


Let’s talk characters. John Goodman will always be my number one actor. I fell in love with him as a kid. Watching him on Rosanne. I don’t think there is a movie he has done that I hated. He is hilarious and just does an amazing job making a character come alive. He was a great extermination man in this movie.

Now if you are someone who is deathly afraid of spiders I am not sure this is the movie for you. But at the same time I say suck it up, put your big person undies on and get over your fear! It’s really not that bad!

Ahhhh this movie is a 5/5 stars for sure!!!

There really is no need to compare the book and movie because like I stated before it’s basically word for word the same.


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