This Heart Of Mine Was Made To Travel This World

Find a place from each continent that you can’t wait to visit. Explain why.

North America

For this continent I picked Montreal, Canada. Why you ask? Well not only is it beautiful year round but it has some great history and beautiful buildings. Plus my Parabatai, Sarah, lives there. I have been wanting to visit for a long time. I am trying to plan a trip there in October 2018 so I can partake in the Halloween fun they have there. Haunted Houses, Six Flags Halloween! It will be so much fun.

South America

For South American I chose the, Galapagos Islands. When I was a sophomore in college my earth science professor went to the islands during spring break. He showed us pictures from his trip and oh my it was so beautiful. I have known about the islands even before than. Reading about Darwin’s journeys there was the first time learning about the islands. It would be so much fun getting to experience the same places he visited.


I cheated a little for this continent. I could not pick just one single town/city. I picked a whole country. But its ok. I can make up my own rules. I chose, Scotland. There are tons of places throughout Europe I want to visit but Scotland in my number one stop! Everything about Scotland is breathtakingly beautiful. This history, the castles, the views. All so amazing. I have a slight obsession with Mary, Queen of Scots so I would love to visit all the places she was known to have lived at and been to.


Funny thing about Asia. I have never really thought about where I would want to visit. So I did some googling on the best destinations in Asia. I ran across a place called Pai, Thailand. WOW it was so beautiful in the pictures. It sounded like it had a lot of cool things to see and do. If you have been to parts of Asia that you feel are good places to visit with rich history let me know in the comments below.


So there are a couple of places I would like to visit in Australia but my first stop would be Perth, Australia. My sister from another misses lives there. She is my partner in crime. I would love to experience a Christmas in Australia. It would be strange since it is summer time down there instead of winter like in the USA. I always want to visit the beaches, go snorkeling, learn to speak Australian lingo and much much more!


This was a hard pick as well. There are so many places I want to see and experience in Africa. But my number one stop would probably be Egypt. I am a lover of all things history and getting to see the pyramids and experience the Egyptian culture would be a once in a lifetime adventure.


I know what you are thinking! Who in their right mind wants to visit that place? Well I actually do! For REAL! NO JOKE! I think it would be such an amazing experience to visit Antarctica. There are two places in Antarctica that are sometimes regarded as civilian “towns”. The one I chose to visit is the Argentinian Esperanza base in Hope Bay at the very tip of the Antarctic Peninsula. They both have facilities such as a school, medical facilities, gym etc. though are more accurately regarded as associations of the military and scientific operations. I think it would be great to experience both a winter and summer there. Who wants to join me?? I mean come on they have penguins!


What places on each continent would you pick to visit? Let me know below in the comments!




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