Flibbertigibbet Friday 😜

Dear Friday,

Well here we are. Our first Flibbertigibbet Friday. This week has been a crazy week. A couple new blogs went up (207 Reading Wrap-Up, What’s Up With 2018). 2017 was a decent reading year for me. I also decided to participate in the Unread Shelf Project 2018. You can click the link for all the details.

So my kids have been on Christmas break since December 20th. Yesterday was their first day back at school. As much as I love my kids I was happy to see them go back. I got sick Tuesday night and it hit me hard 😷🀧. I’m hoping to be back to 100% this weekend. I haven’t read in days and it makes me sad. Plus I am so ready to start applying for jobs so I can get back to work. I work as a CNA so I need to be 100% healthy to do my job. I am excited to get back to work. It’s a dirty job but rewarding. After 6 months at a nursing home/care facility I can start applying at hospitals. I’m hoping to be accepted into the LPN program in the fall. Fingers crossed 🀞🏻.

So I am currently reading two books.

The Dark Crystal by Jim Henson. This one is less than 200 pages and I should be able to read it in one sitting. Maybe this weekend. This is a part of my Books/movies duo blog project. (Click link for more info). I haven’t seen the movie in like 10+ years and I have never read the book. So I’m excited for this one.

I am buddy reading this with Cat (Cat’s instagram) for our Discover & Conquer Blog we do together. We do a book club, where we read a true crime/history/historical fiction book together and review it. I am very excited to learn more about King Henry VIII’s first wife, Katherine of Aragon. You don’t learn a whole lot about her in the show Tudors, and they got her a bit wrong too. So go follow that blog if you want to see the review at the end of January.

Well that’s about it for this week. Kind of a slow week. I hope everyone has a good weekend and have a safe weekend 😊


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