The Unread Book Shelf Project 2018

So I ran across this 2018 project on Instagram (The Unread Shelf) and I knew I had to participate. So basically you try to smash your TBR pile. Some people are deciding to go on complete book buying bans for 2018, some are doing like partial bans.

For myself I decided to do a random buying book ban. That means I will no longer just buy a book because it sounds good. I will only be buying books that are part of a series I am currently reading and loving that are being released in 2018 and I will also allow myself to buy the new Stephen King book that comes out in June. Other than that if I see a book I think sounds good I will write it down in a notebook of books to try and then I will either try and find a chapter sampler online or check it out from the library. If I liked it enough to want to add it to my collection it will go on another list for future buys. Other than that I will NOT be buying books in 2018. I know I know! Why in the world would I do that?? Well let me tell you……

You can use Libib app which is what I am using. I made a shelf called Unread shelf. I then proceeded to scan all the unread books. Want to know my total???? *DRUMROLL* 502!!!! You read that right! 502 UNREAD BOOKS!!! How in the hell does that even happen??? I am not sure. But I seriously have a problem. So I am going to go through them again because I have books on myself that have been there for 5-7+ years that I have yet to pick up and read. I mean if I haven’t read it by now its never going to happen. So its going to go to the donate pile. Oh and let me just say, that 502 doesn’t count all my middle grade books that I own also.

I have a lot of stuff happening in 2018 and I need to be saving money. So this project is much-needed. So I’m not sure if they will have weekly challenges every week but there will be some and when we have them I will post on Weds. In my friday blogs I will let you know how I am doing with my buying ban and reading. This will be hard but I CAN DO IT!!!!!!

Who else is going to participate??? Let me know in the comments below if you are and how many unread books you have??

UPDATE: After writing this blog and scheduling it to post I went through all my unread books and found a ton I was no longer going to read. So I went from 502 down to 304. I am totally happy with that. It’s better than 502. I mean seriously who the hell gets that bad.

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