7 Days of Christmas Day 5 – Places I’d love to spend Christmas at

I would love to experience Christmas in ton of places. It would be cool to see how other cultures celebrate the holiday season. I narrowed this list down to my top six places. There are in no particular order.

  • Scotland – I would love to experience Christmas in Scotland. Edinburgh, Glasgow, anywhere as long as it’s Scotland. It is my number one goal in life to end up living permanently in Scotland. Somewhere in a small cute village/town halfway between Edinburgh and Glasgow. If you are from Scotland and know of the perfect quant town let me know in the comments below!!



  • New York City – It has always been a dream of mine to be in NYC for the holidays. I want to be there starting at Thanksgiving and experience the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I watch it every year on TV. Then for the lighting of the tree in Rockefeller Tree the end of November. Ice skate and just experience the wonderful holiday stuff NYC has to offer. Then stay for the New Year’s Eve party in Time Square. I don’t want to live there or do this every year. Just once and I’ll be ok.



  • Montreal, Canada – Oh Canada! Canada is a kick ass country! My Parabatai, Sarah, lives in Montreal. So of course this has to go on my list of places I want to spend Christmas at. I would even live there too. I have no complaints about it. They have snow, and pretty lights and really nice people!!!



  • Perth, Australia – Christmas in Australia would be an experience for sure. I mean I have lived in areas where its warm during Christmas but to experience Christmas when its summer! Such a strange idea to someone who lives in the Northern Hemisphere and always had Christmas in the winter season. My sister from another misses lives in Perth. One year I will go experience her Christmas and one year she will come here and experience my kind of Christmas. She has never seen snow except for on TV. It will be such a treat for her and her kids!



  • Germany – I don’t have any one place in mind when it comes to Germany. I guess wherever is the best place or wherever I land. I am a lot German on my dad’s side. My maiden name is German (Berbrich. In Germany it’s Berberich. My family dropped the extra E when they came to the USA). So I think it would be fun to experience a German Christmas.



  • England – Once again no specific area of England. I just want to experience an English Christmas. Hell I’d like to experience a Christmas in every single country in Europe in my lifetime. Everything about Europe is amazing. So full of history and culture. If you live in England let me know some of the best places to visit for the holidays.



So that is my short list. Like I said before, there are so many more places I’d love to experience Christmas at. Let’s see how many I can check off my list before I die!

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