7 Days of Christmas Day 2 – Favorite Holiday Traditions

Today I am going to talk about my some of my favorite holiday traditions. Some are ones I did as a kid, some I do with my kids and some are ones I did as a kid that I still do now and with my kids. These are in no order what so ever. It’s just how they popped into my head.

  • Packing everyone up in the car and driving around looking at Christmas lights. One of my most favorite holiday traditions. I have been doing it for as long as I can remember. I still do it now with my own kids but it’s not nearly as fun as when I was a kid. Or maybe it’s where I now live (Crappy Oklahoma if you wanted to know. I grew up in Michigan). People just do not decorate down here. It’s sad. We still drive around and see what there is but then we go to a few towns that do HUGE light displays and you can either drive or walk through them. The kids just love it.
  • Making Christmas cut-out cookies. Besides getting to decorate them, eating some of the raw dough was and still is, a favorite part of the cookie making process. I don’t do it every year. It just depends on what it going on. But we will be making them this year once the kids go on holiday break from school.
  • Decorating the house and the tree. Out of all the holiday traditions and things that go on, decorating is my FAVORITE! I love Christmas trees. I do use artificial. Always have and I don’t think I will ever go real. I’d rather leave them planted outside and decorate them there. I always turn up the Christmas music and dance and sing! My kids love it too. They each have their own little 2 foot trees in their room they decorate. I always start the week of Thanksgiving decorating. Same way I did it growing up. It’s hard to not do things you did as a kid, specially when you enjoyed it so much.
  • Ok so growing up my mom would make Christmas Eve snacks. We would have cheese and crackers, Hard Salami, Smoked Sausage, cheeseballs, ham rollups, veggie trays and all kinds of other Christmas cookies and goodies. That what we would do for our dinner and watch some tv. We also got to open one present on Christmas Eve (we opened all the rest and get our stockings on Christmas Day). I still do this with my kids now. We have our big Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve at noon. Then the kids get to open a present which always consists of new Christmas PJs and a toy. In the evening the kids get in the new pjs and we eat leftovers and all the goodies I mentioned above and we watching some Christmas movies. It’s one of my favorite things to do with my kids.
  • On Christmas morning my kids (and I did it this was as a kid also) get to open our stockings first. Then when everyone is awake (usually dad was the last to get up and we would have to go wake him up) we got to dig into presents. My mom would usually make french toasts for our Christmas morning breakfast. I make cinnamon rolls for my crew. Then my mother in law comes down in the morning and the kids get to open presents from her too.
  • Now this next one is more of a thing as kids. Growing up in Michigan you can always guarantee snow for christmas and before and after christmas. Here in Oklahoma you are lucky to see a dusting of snow. Ugh another reason living here sucks and I can’t wait to move. Playing out in the snow was always a thing we did. Building snowmen, making snow angels, snowball fights, making snow forts! Going sledding and tobogganing. And even some skiing. OK well I didn’t downhill ski, I am more of a cross-country skier. Oh and lets not forget ice skating. Even if I do suck at it. There is a place in Downtown Oklahoma City that has an ice rink. Might try to take the kids this year. We are also going to do the free water taxi rides down there too for the first time. They have it all lite up for Christmas.

So that is it for me on traditions. What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions?


These are my two stinkers from Christmas 2016. I haven’t taken this years photo yet. I do it on Christmas Eve.

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