7 Days of Christmas: Day 1 – Favorite Christmas movies/songs

So my Parabatai, Sarah (Her blog) came up with a brilliant idea to do a 7 days of Christmas blogs. One post a day starting December 19 and ending on December 25! So I am playing along! Todays blog is my top favorite Christmas movies and songs. I am a Christmas junkie so it was hard to make this list short. I could literally be here all day listing like every Christmas movie and song out there! So as hard as it was I narrowed it down to five movies and five songs. So without further ado we will begin with movies…


Coming in at number one is National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. This movie will always be my favorite! It was hilarious. I watch it even when it’s not Christmas. But I always watch it on Christmas Eve after the kids go to bed while I stuff stockings and wrap presents!

National LampoonsThat look on Clark’s face is exactly how I am when it’s Christmas time. I’m such a sucker!

A Christmas Story

Coming in at number two is A Christmas Story. I did not watch this movie for the first time until my late 20’s! I know I know! I was late to the party. But it has become on of my all time favorites for sure. I haven’t watched the second movie yet.

Numero tres is How the Grinch Stole Christmas.I love both the animated and live version. I think Jim Carrey did an amazing job playing the Grinch. I’m so excited for the new animated version that comes out in November 2018. And the amazing and sexy Benedict Cumberbactch will do the voice for the Grinch. He has the perfect voice for it.


Number four is A Christmas Carol. I love just about every version of this movie that is out there. But the one with Patrick Stewart is my favorite, followed by Mickey’s Christmas Carol and Muppet’s Christmas Carol. There is just something magical about this story.


And last but certainly not least, coming in at number five is…… It’s a Wonderful Life. I’m a sucker for old black and white movies.

So that’s a wrap for movies. I do love a bunch more. Like all the old classics I watch with my kids. Every year on Christmas Day night we snuggle up and watch It’s Christmas Charlie Brown and A Garfield Christmas.

Now onto my top five favorite Christmas songs. They are in no particular order. And once again this list was so hard to narrow down. I love all christmas music!

  • December Nights (Michael Bublé)
  • Snowman (Sia)
  • Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) (Michael Bublé)
  • Ho Ho Ho (Sia)
  • Here We Come a Caroling (various artists)

So there it is folks! A very hard blog to write! I mean I LOVE talking about Christmas and movies but it’s hard to narrow things down. I hope everyone has an amazing day!!!!

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