Where have I been???

I’m sorry I haven’t been around for a couple months. It’s been nuts around here. I’m still in a massive slump, I’ve started treatment for severe depression (I’m starting to feel much much better), started working out (omg I can barely move 🤣🤣) and dealing with Kids and life. My husband and I have decided to divorce. It’s mutual and we are on good terms and agree to everything. I think this will be the simplest divorce with Kids I’ve ever seen. We are not going to start any paperwork until after the new year. We are concentrating on Kids and holidays right now.

Speaking of the holidays! How was your Thanksgiving? Are you looking forward to Christmas? Do you celebrate something different than Christmas?? We don’t do much for Thanksgiving here. My husband is out in the woods hunting. Christmas is out big holiday. I have my tree up but I still need to finish decorating the house. After I finish I’ll get some pictures and do a Christmas blog. I’m also almost done with present shopping. Few more things to get. I’m so excited for this year!

Another exciting things I did was start a new blog! Me and my sista from another misses, Witchpluscat instagram , started a new blog together. We post about things we are obsessed with. It’s a history type blog. You should go follow if you like history. It included things like Royals, myths and legends, True Crime, wars, historical figures, forgotten heroes, and much much more. Discover and Conquer blog So in December I’ll be posting a few blogs, Christmas decorating, end of the year reading blog wrap up and goals for 2018. Gah can you believe it’s almost 2018???? Geez! Time flew by fast.

So there will be some new changes to this blog in the new year. Don’t worry I’ll still talk books but there will be more things than just books also!

Is there anything you would like to see added to my blog in 2018? Topics?

So once again sorry the being absent. And I hope everything have a fantastic holiday!

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