My first ever reading challenge (I’m going to fail 🤣)

So my BFF Catherine (Witch Plus Cat) talked me into doing this reading challenge! I checked it out and it looks like so much fun! I’m not really in it for prizes but more so to see how many I can get through and maybe find new books and friends! 

So I’m not going to list all the rules and how to play and yada-yada. So I’m leaving the link here so you can check it out and see if you want to participate! It’s like a game board and there’s playing pieces and kind of like D&Dish but for books! You can earn points and such. Anywho click above and check it out! (And thanks to the talented CW of Read Think Ponder on her amazing art work that I’ll be including in this blog)

Here is the game board. I printed one so I can cross things out as I go along. You pick a character to start and follow their path to the next character and then keep going around the board. 

Here are the characters and where their paths start. 

I’m starting with Mage! I’m not making an official TBR. I’m horrible at sticking with them. I’m making a list of 2-3 options for each square on the board. I’m starting Uni Aug 21st so I’ll be busy with school work as well as this challenge. 

I’ll also be posting my book choices as I move along over on my Instagram using the hashtag #TheReadingQuest 

Comment below if you plan on participating. Also link me in your blog or IG post so I can follow and like and cheer you on! Best of luck to everyone and “May the odds be ever in your favor” I hope I got that right 🤣

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