The Library of Souls by Richard Denney review

“Be careful what you check out… 

Ever since he could remember Simon Santiago could see and talk to the dead. When his parents are killed in a train accident, he is sent to live with his estranged con man of an uncle. Soon Simon is put on as his uncle’s assistant in a Ghost Expelling agency and carries out the hard work for his uncle: getting rid of the ghosts.

Now thirteen with his ability at full maximum Simon is ready to take on bigger tasks with his uncle’s booming agency getting more and more calls day by day. When a phone call comes in from a desperate librarian at an infamously haunted library, Simon is all too eager to get to work. But when they arrive at the sprawling mansion of a library, Simon quickly discovers that there’s something else haunting the library and its thirst for Simon’s soul is dangerously clear from the moment he steps foot into the building. 

With the help of one of the young library volunteers and a mute spirit of the library, Simon is determined to find out what is really going on before his soul as well as his uncle’s are added to the ever-growing system of The Library of Souls. Will Simon and his new friend make it out alive?”

I was one of the lucky ones to recieve an ARC in exchange for an honest review. It was my first time reading anything by Richard Denney. I’ve been watching him on Booktube for about a year now. I adore him! He’s opened my up to way more Middle Grade books, which are a guilty pleasure read! I throughly enjoyed this book. It was fun, Spooky, the characters were fun and who’s to complain about a library setting??? Not me!!! I got a Goosebumps book vibe when reading it which was a blast since they are a favorite childhood book. 

I adored Simon. I thought he was adorable and wanted to hug him. I love the world that Richard created. Very unique. I honestly can’t think of any middle grade book I’ve read that is even remotely similar. 

I did not except that twist towards the end. This book was not predictable at all. Which is very refreshing in a middle grade.

My only complaint is that it ended. I wish we could have had more. More adventures of Simon and his Uncle ghost hunting. Who knows maybe we will get more stories later. All I know is I didn’t want it to end. 

I gave it a 4/5 🌟

It comes out August 22, 2017! I can’t wait to have a physical copy for my kids to read and enjoy. 

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Thanks for reading! 💁🏻

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