Top 5 Wednesday 

Show your Hogwarts House Pride, and tell us the top 5 books that represent your house!

Sooooooo I honestly had NO clue with this one. So I did it the way I thought I should 😂😂 so let’s do this!!!! 

My house is Ravenclaw! Like it really should be any surprise! 

The first book I picked is A Little Life. I haven’t read this book but I know it’s about friendship. And friendship is a very important thing for Ravenclaws.

I believe Blue, from The Raven Cycle, would be in Ravenclaw. She is a very unique character and I adore her in these books. 

I picked this book because the Labyrinth in this book is a very challenging maze to get through and it’s a challenging quest to get to the Ravenclaw Tower.

I believe not only would Sherlock Holmes be in Ravenclaw but he would be a Prefect also. 

Ok so this one I know people would argue with me about. Queen Levanna as a person would be more Slytherin type but…I picked this story because Levanna, while a totally bitch (I actually love her as a villain), she has a tragic backstory. Rowena Ravenclaw has a tragic and sad backstory as well. 

Well ladies and gents that’s what I came up with! Which house are you and what books/characters did you pick??

Thanks for reading! 💁🏻

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