Top 5 Wednesday (May 17, 2017) Summer Reads

The weather is heating up (for half of the world), so what books remind you of summer and are your quintessential summer reads? Top 5 Wednesday GR Group
I don’t really have any must read summer books. But when I think of books and summer I think of contemporary. So below will be 5 books I want to read this summer

Because who doesn’t think of summer when they see this cover?!?! Unexpected Everything

This may not be as cheerful as the last but to me it’s still a contemporary that I want to read this summer. Holding Up the Universe

Of course have to go with another summer cover! Since You’ve Been Gone

Because this just looks like it will be interesting đŸ¤” Winger

I’m not really sure if this is labeled as contemporary but I’m going with it. It’s a love story! The Song of Achilles

So that’s it folks! Of course I will be reading way more this summer! I have the Jenny Han books on my Nook. So I will probably try those as well! 

What are some of your must reads in the summer? What do you want to try and get to this summer???



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