Top 5 Wednesday (May 10, 2017)

So I decided to join the Top 5 Wednesday Goodreads group! I’m so glad I did. Looks like so much fun! You can click the link above and check it out and see what the topics are. 

So this weeks topic is Books As Event Themes –  It’s party season, whether that is high school prom, weddings, or summer holiday events. What books would make a good party/event theme?? 

I haven’t read this book yet. But I’ve heard it has a ton of 80s vibes in it. I love the 80s. I’m an 80s kid. I’ve always wanted to have an 80s themed party (maybe like once a year). Have everyone come dressed in 80s clothes, with 80s hair styles! Oh just talking about this brings back memories 😍

I love the parties they had in the first book/movie. They always look like they are having fun! Loads of food! Plus I am short enough to be a hobbit 😂😂😂. I adore this series and it would be fun to have a hobbit inspired party!
Ahhhh space…..and PIRATES! Yes you heard that right. There are space pirates in this book 🙊😵. I love the Star Trek shows as well. So it would be fun to mix the two. A spaced themed, pirate party 😂😂😂 I know I’m a bit crazy! 
I know that this book deals with war, but I love the story. And to have a Greek Mythological party would be so fun. And even have Troy, the Geeek hero there. A rook full of Gods and Goddesses 😍

Don Quixote! I studied this story in my Western Lit class in college and then we watched the John Lithgow movie. I instantly fell in love. His imagination is amazing in this story. The adventures he goes on. I would totally have a Don Quixote party. Have people dress as characters from the story. 

I could keep listing 😂😂 I tried to be different. A lot of people were using like Harry Potter and the Sarah J Maas books and The Night Circus. I wanted to use those too 😂😂 but I decided to expand and try some different things! 

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