Tales From Lovecraft Middle School series review (Charles Gilman)

These books were so fun! They are books I would have read in 4/5th grade. They remind me a lot of The Goosebumps books. 

This is the first book. (5/5 🌟) No it doesn’t have two editions. The covers change when you move them from side to side. It’s pretty neat..

Book 2 (5/5 🌟)

Book 3 (5/5 🌟)

Book 4 (5/5 🌟)

So these books are full of creepy, crawly bugs, demons, parallel worlds and a plan to take over Earth. Robert and his friends team up to save the school and students. 

My only complaint is there isn’t more. There was no conclusion. It just ended. Will there still be a war? I guess this where the adult in my come sun wanting answers πŸ˜‚

I can’t wait for my kids to read these. So fun! And the illustrations inside are amazing. 

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