So day 4 of my writing challenge. I’m to list 5 places I want to visit. It was hard narrowing it down to just 5. There are so many places I still want to visit. I cheated a little so I could squeeze in some more countries. So here goes!

  • Montréal, Canada

I am pretty specific on this. I do want to visit all parts of Canada I haven’t been to yet (growing up in Michigan I’ve been to a few parts of Canada already). But my first stop is Montrèal so see one of my best friends who lives there! 

  • Perth, Australia 

I want to visit Eastern Australia too but my first stop is Perth to see another awesome fiend, Catherine!!!! Her city reminds me a lot of NYC (the tall buildings) which makes me even more excited to visit. 

  • United Kingdom

So I did United Kingdom as a whole because I want to visit England (pictured above 👆🏼). 
Also Ireland ☺️

And Scotland! ☺️

  • Europe – eventually I want to visit every country in Europe but I have 4 I want to get to first

Germany is top on my list. I’m German so I’d love to see where my family is from



And Belgrade (Yugoslavia). I also have relatives from Belgrade. While most of them perished in the war or moved away to other parts of Europe, I still want to see where they lived. 

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina

I have fallen so in love with this city/country lately. I have a dear friend who lives there and I love it when he posts pictures. Plus they have the most amazing library that I need to visit (pictured below 👇🏼)

I think I’m going to get a jar and add the word Wanderlust to it and start adding names of cities/countries I want to visit before I die. Kind of like this one I found on google images 👇🏼

But I believe mine will have to be way bigger!!!!!

Where are some places you want to visit?

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