It’s a wrap on March 2017! 

Holy shit! 😳 I’m really not sure how I did this again!!!! I can’t promise this will happen every again for 2017! Some how I’ve managed to read 21 books so far in 2017. I’m totally going to jinx myself now. But it’s ok. I’m not one for numbers. As long as I am reading that’s all that matters. 

I told you it was crazy!!! Not only did I read 10 books but I started and finished an entire series also! I have full reviews for all of these but two. The Percy Jackson books are a series review. 

  • Night Film 4/5 🌟 (no review)
  • Wonder 4/5 🌟
  • The Devil Crept In 3/5 🌟 (no review)
  • 13 Reasons Why 5/5 🌟
  • Six Stories 3/5 🌟
  • The Lightning Thief 5/5 🌟 (stand alone review)
  • The Sea of Monsters 5/5 🌟 (series review)
  • The Titans Curse 5/5 🌟 (part of the series review)
  • The Battle of the Labrynth 5/5 🌟 (part of series review)
  • The Last Olympian 5/5 🌟 (part of series review)


As I have said before, I don’t do TBRs. I never follow them. But my first read of April will be this bad boy, A Conjuring of Light. I’m sad to see it ending but excited to see what happens and how to bring me it to a close. VE (Victoria) Schwab is a genius! I have loved all her books that I’ve read! 


I hope everyone had a great reading month for March and continues to have a great April reading month! 

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