Favorite female authors

It’s Women’s History month. So in honor of women in the past, current and future, here are my top favorite female authors who have impacted my reading. 

  • Louise May Alcott has been a long time favorite of mine. It actually started with the Little Women movie and turned to her books. I have slowly started collecting all her works. 
  • J.K. Rowling – is that any surprise?!? 😂 I’m sure she’s on 99% of readers lists! I didn’t start the Harry Potter series until 2001! I flew through books 1-4 before movie one came out and have been hooked ever since. I want to read her adult books she wrote under a different name. 
  • Ania Ahlborn! Man I will keep saying it over and over, she is the female Stephen King! Holy crap can she creep the hell out of me! Brother was the first book I read of hers and now I own all but one of her books! If you like horror, creepy, suspenseful, dark, disturbing…go read her!!!
  • Marissa Meyer – I picked up Cinder on a whim in 2015. I was waiting after class for a test to start in college and saw it at the library. I had not read much sci-fi/dystopian type books but wanted to start branching out. Well it soon became my favorite YA series ever! 
  • Cassandra Clare – another whim read. A friend had the entire Infernal Devices trilogy and all of (at that time the last book had not been published yet) the Mortal Instruments books that were out and said I needed to try them. I read all of them in just a couple months! Amazing!!!! I never get tired of the Shadowhunters world. 
  • Melissa Landers – my friend Sarah, over at Sarahinzombieland, told me about her book Aleinated. Tried it and was hooked! The worlds she builds are amazing. Starflight has become my favorite of her books! It has Space Pirates in it 😳
  • V.E. (Victoria) Schwab – Owlcrate actually introduced me to Ms. Schwab. A Darker Shade of Magic was the book in their very first Owlcrate box (spring 2015). Took me a couple months to finally crack it open but once I did I was blown away! I quickly became addicted. I have read just about all her books (minus a few) and have yet to find one I hated. All are 4 or 5 🌟 books! This Savage Song is hands down my favorite! 
  • Sarah J Maas – once again my friend Sarah told me to read the Throne of Glass series, so I did! Empire of Storms was a February 2017 read and it crushed me! This series has been so fantastic. I’m both excited and sad to see it ending in 2018. But glad we are getting an entire novel about my man Chaol 😍😍. I plan to start ACOTAR very soon. 
  • Leigh Bardugo – Sarah did it once again! Told me to read Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom. I’ve never read a series where I loved ALL the characters. Normally there are one or two you hate/loath with all your might. But not in this duology. I even enjoyed the villains 😳😂

What are some of your favorite female authors??? 

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  1. Almost everyone on this list I looove!! E. Lockhart is my all time fav though! I picked up Cinder a while back, and stopped reading it, but I’m looking forward to picking it up again sometime soon 😉

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