February Wrap-Up 2017

I’m really not sure how this happened 😳. But man I sure read a lot of amazing books in February! I’m hoping March will be just as amazing

  • The One Hundred Nights of Hero (Graphic Novel) 5/5 🌟
  • Empire of Storms 5/5 🌟 (this book left me with such heart ache. I’m still mourning over the end. I can’t wait for the Chaol Novel in Sept and then the last book in May 2018)
  • Caraval 5/5 🌟 (This book was so magical and fun! I can’t wait for the second book)
  • Wires and Nerve (Graphic Novel) 4/5 🌟 (it was so fun being back in the Lunar world! Iko was my favorite character in the series so I’m very happy she has her own story now! And all the rest of the characters make an appearance in this also!) 
  • A Gathering of Shadows 4/5 🌟 (I can’t wait to get my hands on A Conjuring of Light!!!!)
  • History Is All You Left Me 2/5 🌟
  • Clockwork Angel (Manga) 3/5 🌟 (would not recommend this one unless you just want a refresher on the book. But I did enjoy being back in the world during the refresher)
  • The Winter People 3/5🌟 (I still go back and forth between 3-4 🌟)
  • Hidden Figures – DNF (I’m thinking in this case the movie will be way better than the book)

Currently Reading:

I LOVE Ania Ahlborn! She is a female Stephen King (in my opinion). So dark and creepy!!!! 

Not sure what else I’ll be reading for March. Just whatever I’m in the mood for!

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