November 2016 Owlcrate unboxing

This box was special since it included an exclusive dust jacket you would not find anywhere else. So let’s just jump right in…

This months theme was Wonderland. It was so full of magical and whimsical goodies 

We got not just one but two books in this box. This is book one and it’s bookmarker. At first I thought it was like a blank journal or something but nope it’s the actual story! 😍 The book is from Rock Paper Books with a matching bookmarker designed by Risa Rodil

We have some amazing smelling tea (I haven’t tried it yet) by Riddle’s Tea Shoppe

We got this cool bookmarker by Authored Adornments

This magnet was designed by Evie Bookish

The exclusive Owlcrate pin

And of course book number 2!! 😍😍 I just finished reading this yesterday. There is a non-spoiler review on my blog for it. I adored it! 

Theme for December is….EPIC! I’m going to link their Instagram page because you need to go check out the description that goes along with the theme announcement. It’s going to be an amazing box to close out 2016!!! 

Owlcrate Epic Theme – December Box
Hope you enjoyed! Stay tuned for next months unboxing 

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