Let’s talk November….

Yes I’m already talking about November 😳 It will be ok…

So I’ve been dealing with a slippage into depression. It sucks. I hate it. Been trying to climb my way out but it’s been hard. So I’m trying to get more active in my blogging and what little there is of a social life. I came up with a challenge. Ok well I didn’t make it but decided to try it. I’m doing a 30 day blogging challenge. I wrote down 30 things to blog about, folded them up and put them in a jar. Everyday, starting November 1st, I will pull one out and blog about it. I’m also doing a November book photo challenge on Instagram so I will include that Days picture at the end of the blog. I’m hoping writing will help me but we will see. 

I also found a cute 25 days of Christmas one to do in December. Which happens to be my most favorite holiday ever!!!!!!!!! 

Hope everyone is doing well! 

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