OwlCrate October 2016 unboxing….

Well it’s another month! So time for an unboxing…

This was a fun box. I enjoyed just about everything in this box…

This months theme is Once Upon A Dream

First item is this cute paper clip! I’m going to guess it’s a bookmarker. Blue is actually my favorite color so I was happy with what I got! 


This is my favorite piece in the box. Once again..blue šŸ˜šŸ˜. It’s just a beautiful piece of jewelry. I have to say probably my favorite piece in any of the boxes so far. This is an exclusive piece for OwlCrate.

This is so adorable! Perfect for in your purse/bag. The inside is adorable too. There is little pictures in the bottom corner of the pages. 

The hat…I was excited for this. I needed a new beenie for winter. Then I saw it šŸ˜£ its HUGE! Looked up their site to find its one of those slouchie hats. Frankly..nope! I’m not a hipster hobo who keeps all their stuff in a hat instead of tied to a stick. Plus they said it’s suppose to be sooo soft. It’s rough and itchy šŸ˜’. I’m going to wash it in hopes it shrinks and becomes less itchy. If not it will get re-gifted to a hipster. 

Here’s the pin for the box and a bookmarker talking about some new books. Never heard of them but I will be looking into them. 

And the book! I’m excited to read this. I really have no clue what it’s about except it has something to do with a Russian Folktale. I’m excited to try it. Came with a bookplate, letter (which i can’t read) and a tattoo. 

Novembers theme is Wonderland. I think I have an idea of what the book is going to be. And if I’m right I am soooo excited!!! Also it will be an exclusive cover not found in stores!!!! So I’m looking forward to November!!! 

Overall this was a good box! 

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