Stephen King Life Lessons

With a little help from some friends we have compiled a list of….

Things I’ve learned from Stephen King:

🎈If you hear voices coming from any sort of sewer pipe whatsoever just walk away. Hell, I’d move states. DO NOT ENGAGE!!!! (IT)

🎈Stay the hell away from people traveling in RVs, specially if they are in groups. (Doctor Sleep)

🎈No matter how badly you think you need to buy that item from the little “mom and pop, odds and ends” store that’s new in town, you don’t! In fact, you should probably leave, ASAP! (Needful Things)

🎈Maine has a lot of crazy ass bad juju (can be said for any King book that is set in Maine)

🎈Don’t let any stranger you have unintentionally wronged touch you. (Thinner)

🎈Befriend the town drunk, he has oxygen. (Under the Dome)

🎈Just give your wife the land…or house. Killing her won’t be worth the horde of demon rats waiting to eat you alive. (1922, short story in Full Dark, No Stars)

🎈If you ever meet a person that smiles constantly and seems unnaturally happy, RUN! Stay away! They are shift af. (Harold Cross from The Stand)

🎈Don’t drive in a snow storm, in the mountains of Colorado. You may wake up strapped to a bed with busted legs. (Misery)

🎈See a doctor immediately if you start hearing ticking in the walls (Insomnia)

🎈Never trust a riddling train. (The Waste Lands)

🎈Love is powerful, important and beautiful and so is friendship. Both of these things can help through even the darkest of times. (Any Stephen King book). 

I hope you enjoyed these life lessons. Do you have any life lessons you’ve learned from Stephen King?

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