September 2016 Owl Crate unboxing 

So this months theme was darkness 😳 I was very excited for this box since it has things from Throne of Glass, Six of Crows and Miss Peregrine in it!!!! 

Here is the bag from Out of Print. I do enjoy this. It’s cute and I love the quote on the one side. 

We also go this little book in here. It sounds interesting. I’m going to wait a while to read it. I’m afraid I’ll like it and the can’t read the rest. I don’t do ebooks and you can only get the other episodes off their website/app as an ebook and well I think I’d be ok paying a couple bucks for these short stories, I’m not paying over $20 per episode like they are charging on their site 😒

I’m letting my daughter have this

This is a little like one page total sneak peak of a new book by P.C. Cast coming out. Sounds ok. Never read her stuff before. There are a few pages you can color. Gave it to my daughter to color in. 

Here is the Six of Crows item. It’s cool. I have the book but still need to read it (I know I know I’m behind). I’ll probably use this bookmarker when I do read it)

Throne of Glass item. It’s smells soooo yummy! And yes it’s chocolate! 😁 I can’t wait to use it! I just finished Crown of Midnight the other night! Look for my review soon

And…..the book! Omg I was so excited. I honestly know nothing about this book! Which I like. I have read Anna Dressed in Blood and really enjoyed it. I have to read the sequel still. So I’m really looking forward to this. Love the note (also comes with a signed bookplate which I always peel and stick to inside of book) and a paper already ready to make into a cootie catcher. Ahhhh the memories of grade school! 

Here is the back of the note. There is also the same map inside the book 😍

And next months theme is….Once Upon a Dream…

Owl Crate

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