Days of the Week Book Tag


Murder Monday: Favorite murder/crime book:

  • I’m using an entire series for this one. I am in love with the Body Farm Novels. It’s a team of authors, Jon Jefferson and Bill Bass, who are the founders of The Body Farm at the University of Tennessee. These are fiction stories but based off the actually Body Farm.


Tickle Tuesday: A book that made you laugh out loud:

  • This was the first contemporary book I ever read and instantly fell in love. Rainbow Rowell is my favorite YA contemporary author. I laughed a lot while reading this book. definitely a feel good read.


Weepy Wednesday: A book that made you weepy/cry:

  • This book tore me to pieces. It was so amazing. I need to see the movie now. I’m not sure I want to read the sequel. I feel this book was an amazing stand alone. If you have read the sequel let me know in the comments on your thoughts and if I should give it a read.


Thinking Thursday: A book that made you really think/reevaluate the world/your life:

  • I read this book earlier this year and it was so good! Really made me think about the world today. It’s almost true. It also made me scared to think of a world like this one. I highly recommend reading it.


Fantasy Friday: Favorite fantasy book/series:

  • I am just now getting into reading fantasy books. This is probably the only one I have read to be honest, but it for sure WILL NOT be the last! I read this in August. I can’t wait to finish the rest of the books.


Sigh Saturday: A book you just could not get into or finish:

  • I tried this book (since I love this type of genre) but man oh man. It was so hard to read. The author was very long-winded, a single sentence could run on for an entire paragraph, and it was hard to tell who was talking. Maybe I will give it a try at some other point. Let me know if you have read this and your thoughts on it. Should I give it another go or no?


Summer Sunday: A book you love to read in the summer or makes you think of summer:

  • I have yet to read these. I just recently picked them up. I have heard they are good and that they are a great summer read. The covers make me think of summer. I would love to try and read them soon before summer is officially over.

Well that’s all she wrote!!! I hope you enjoyed. If you can recommend any books that are in these categories that you think I need to read let me know below!

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