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I’m doing another Days of the Week Book Tag. I did one a few months back. I’ll leave the info below if you want to do it. I’m posting them daily on Instagram (adventuresbetweenpages) and then on Sunday I’ll post my entire week on my blog. It begins Monday, Sept 5th. You can post however you want. Daily on your blog, daily on Instagram, or all in one post. If you post on IG use tag me (adventuresbetweenpages) and use #daysoftheweekbooktag so I can see your posts! And if you blog tag me as well so I can enjoy your posts!!! 

Days of the Week Book Tag:

🎈 Monday: Murder Monday: favorite murder/crime book
🎈 Tuesday: Tickle Tuesday: a book that made you laugh out loud
🎈 Wednesday: Weepy Wednesday: a book that made you weepy/cry
🎈 Thursday: Thinking Thursday: a book that made really think/reevaluate the world/your life
🎈 Fantasy Friday: favorite fantasy book
🎈 Saturday: Sigh Saturday: a book that you just couldn’t get into
🎈 Sunday: Summer Sunday: A book you love to read in summer or makes you think of summer 

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