😱 omg it’s September 

This starts the time of year that makes me the happiest!! I will be overloading you with amazing happiness, kick ass reading and book reviews, and some other amazing blogs! I’m going to try and come up with some new book tags as well. Fall (and I know it officially does not start til the end of the month) is my favorite season ever! I’m a Yankee from Michigan but stuck living in Oklahoma right now. I miss the northern falls so much! I want to go back so bad! Maybe after I finish college. Do I have any northern followers? Do you get what I’m talking about? 😬

This picture indicates one of the reasons why September is amazing….it’s my birthday month!!! 🎂. I’ll be 35 😳 Is there any other September babies??? 

Other reasons why September is the start to amaziness:

🎈 Fall offcially starts Sept. 22! 🍁🍂

🎈 I get to start decorating for fall/Halloween 🍁🍂👻🎃

🎈 College and Pro Football starts 🏈 (well regular season NFL 😂)

🎈 Banned Books Week starts Sept. 25 📚 (I have some amazing blogs planned for that week! Will you be reading any banned books this month??? You would be surprised at what books are challenged/banned and the reasons)

Tell me what are some of you favorite things about September/fall. Do you have any recommended books that are perfect for this time of year? 

Also does anyone know how to put a signature for the end of blogs? Like my name written pretty? Like cursive or something?? 

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