How bookstagram ruined my reading

I’ve been going back and forth on writing this for a while. Lately, well for months now, I’ve been so overwhelmed with books and reading. It’s to the point now where I’m not wanting to read any book I pick up. It’s not that I don’t like them. I thought maybe I was in a slump because I would read a really good book in like no time flat but then I would go back to not wanting to read any book I pick up. Fast forward like 3 months and that’s still my problem. Them it hit me (💡), it’s all this bookstagram and booktube. Man they sure like to put the pressure on you (even if they don’t realize it) to read the new “it” book, or it’s a competition with them. Who can get the most followers, or who can read the most books in one month. They will say they are ashamed because they only read 5 books that month. 😒 really? Shouldn’t you be proud of the fact that you can read at all? I’m a mom and full time nursing student. Right now with school I’m lucky if I get one book read a month! So while I will keep going with my blog and reading other people’s blogs, I’m really going to take a step back from bookstagram. I will still post (because I love sharing what I’m reading with everyone and talking about books) but you all need to chill the fuck out. It’s not a race. Just have fun with it. Oh and stop talking down to people who get books from the library rather than buy. Not everyone can afford it. And it’s good to support your library. I need to start using mine more. Ok end rant! 

So I’m currently reading this. Want to read it before seeing the movie. I’m almost half way done and really enjoying it. I have 3 anatomy exams coming up so it will be a bit before I can get it finished. But I don’t care. I’m taking my time, and really enjoying it. 

Well that’s all she wrote folks! Just need to get this out. Let me know below if you have ever had any similar feelings. Don’t get me wrong there are a lot of great bookstagram and booktube people out there. ❤️

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  1. Dude, I feel you on ALL of that! There is SO much pressure, and last night I decided “screw my goodreads challenge”. I refuse to feel panicky because I’m only half way to my goal. Forcing it takes all the fun out. It has become a pissing contest. Especially on Bookstagram. Also, lots of snobs. 😒

    I’m also a proud patron of my public library. 💙📖💙

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  2. From what I’ve seen on bookstagram, it’s not very inclusive, at least my little corner of IG. And I’m all about book aesthetics, but almost every time I see a post with a book i like and comment I get replies like “oh I I don’t know anything about it, I just think it looks good and makes a pretty photo”.

    Jeez, now I went on a rant. Sorry! 😂

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    1. Hahahah get it out of you need to! I post all kinds of crazy things on IG. Books, my kids, horror stuff, funny stuff 😂😂 sometimes I gain new friends and sometimes people unfollow me hahah. Doesn’t hurt my feelings any. I’m just there to talk books, movies and be a smart ass!


      1. I’m particularly fond of your snapchats. 😂 We both have pretty random IG accounts but that’s what makes it fun. If people don’t like it, they can piss off, ja? 😋

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  3. “I will still post (because I love sharing what I’m reading with everyone and talking about books) but you all need to chill the fuck out.” sums up my feeling exactly. I have had many moments of almost deleting my IG for the stress it was causing me. Now I just share a photo when I post a review or when I fell inspired.

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  4. BLESS THIS POST!!!!!! I cannot stand when I read and/or watch videos of people stating that they only got to a certain number of books and it’s a shame and boohoo them. And I’m over here like “are you kidding me? be lucky that you can even pick up a book and read”!!!!!!!! It upsets me so much that people don’t see how they are shaming others for the amount of books are being read. People are extremely busy, people have lives, people have other things to attend too like have some courtesy dear bookers who say such things. I feel like I ranted too now lol. Thanks for sharing my same frustration.

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