August 2016 Owl Crate

Fast Times at YA High 😂 Me being almost 35 I automatically think Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Oh the memories. So the theme for this box is contemporary. I’m still getting into contemporary books. I’m loving Owl Crate for opening me up to authors/books/genres that I probably would not have picked up myself. So far I’ve enjoyed every book I’ve gotten and read from them. 

This months books! I have never heard of the book nor the author. This makes me excited! It does sound interesting. It came with a signed bookplate (which I always take the backing off and stick it inside the books) and a written letter from the author along with some colored pencils. 

*this book is mine and did not come with the Owl Crate box*

I’m in LOVE with this necklace! Rainbow Rowell is the first contemporary author I read and has been my favorite contemporary author! This necklace is amazing! Love the cassette tape. Reminds me of my childhood (since I’m old and all 😉😂). Also this little poster is true to its word!

Here is a close up of the necklace ❤️😍❤️😍

Besides the necklace these are my most favorite pieces!!! This Harry Potter art piece is just to die for 😍⚡️ and the Hogwarts pin. Love it!!! 

It came with this cool color book. And it’s not a small one either! And that’s where the colored pencils come into play. And then this little notebook. It will come in handy for lists to keep in my purse. 

And last….but certainly not least here is this months postcard, a cute Chapter Raptor pin and a sneak peak at next months box! Darkness! 😱😱😱 *insert little girl squeal* Owl Crate teamed with Out Of Print and there will be an exclusive  Miss Peregrine’s piece in there. This makes me sooooo excited!!!! 

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