Owl Crate unboxing July 2016

This months theme was Good vs Evil! I was so excited for this box. I didn’t care which box I got (you didn’t get to pick). I was seeing which pop figure people were getting for evil and it was just as amazing as good. So far I’ve seen people get Draco or a Dementor and Luna or Dobby for good. Luna Lovegood happens to be my favorite female character in the Harry Potter series so I was totally fine with my box! 

Let’s stop and talk about this book! Eeeeek 😱 total school girl scream! I love Victoria Schwab) also known as V.E. Schwab). I have all her books and was so excited that this was the book for this months box. I’ve been hearing amazing things about it. I have to finish up the book I’m on now and then I’ll be picking this one up. 



We also got a color book with YA book covers. Inside is Thos Savage Song, Every Hidden Thing, Red Queen, The Lifeboat Cliche, and a few others. 

Bookmarker  There’s a book marker with a preview for a new book that comes out in September. The link is to its Goodreads pages

The sticker is a quote from the Illuminae book (if you got the evil box it was the “Am I not merciful” quote) Sticker

The Alice magnetic bookmark is made by Janes Tiny Things. If you got evil it was the Red Queen. 

And last, but certainly not least, is a necklace by Vector Engraving it is amazing! 😍 it’s made from wood. The detail in it is just breathtaking. If you got evil it was the Death Star. 

Next months theme is Fast Times at YA High! I’m sooooo excited! 

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