Changes need to happen

Do you ever wish you could just pack up and leave? Not tell anyone where you are going? Just start fresh. That’s where I am at right now. Pack me and my daughter up and just go. I’m trying to finish nursing school so we can go. But for now (since I have no job, which equals no money) I’m stuck in a loveless marriage. Which does not help my depression any. 😩 

I’m sorry for the lack of posts lately. I have suffered from depression since my dad died when I was 14. Since then I’ve struggled with family drama, lack of support and not knowing how to deal with anything that happened, good or bad. 😔 I have ups and downs. Right now I’m slipping into a down. I’m trying hard to not let it suck me in but with the things happening at home it’s been hard. I haven’t even picked up a book in a week. Which usually means I’m slipping. I do have some books I need to write up reviews for that I finished before my fall. 

Anywho enough of my whining. I’m going to try and get the reviews up in a couple days and I will have an Owl Crate unboxing to post tomorrow as well. That is exciting. I’ve seen people posting their boxes on Instagram and let me saw I’m so excited for the book!!!! Can’t wait to show you guys. 
Hope everyone has a happy Monday! ❤️

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