Days of the Week book tag (original)

So as promised from the orginal post here is my Days of the Week book tag results! This was so much fun creating and doing it! I will be posting mine from when I started, which was last Saturday. You can start this on whichever day you want.

  • Saturday: Shelfie Saturday: Post a picture of your favorite shelf or shelves


I love all my shelves but I’m most proud of my Stephen King Collection.

  • Sunday: Secret Book Sunday: Name a book or series that you love but don’t always tell everyone.
Mine would be the Twilight Saga
  • Monday: Mash-up Monday: Name two books or two series that you think would be cool to mash-up as one book or series.
mash up monday
It would be interesting to see 1800s and dystopian worlds experiences each other
  • Tuesday: Trilogy Tuesday: Name your favorite trilogy
trilogy tues
I have to go with The Infernal Devices Trilogy by Cassandra Clare
  • Wednesday: Wacky Book Wednesday: Name a book that had a wacky story or wacky cover.
wacky book wed
This was a cover buy. I have not read it yet. To me it is wacky! I love the spiders!
  • Thursday: Throwback Book Thursday: Name a book or series that brings back memories from the past.
  • Friday: Freaky Book Friday: A book that freaked you out or the cover freaked you:
freaky book friday
OMG! Ania Ahlborn had a twisted mind! I LOVED this book but at the same time it freaked me out. I felt like I needed to wash my brain out after what I read!

Well there it is! Thats was a long one! I want to do this once a month and change up what you do for each days posts. My question is…..Should I do it as whole like this once a week or would you rather see me post one a day? Comment below!

7 thoughts on “Days of the Week book tag (original)

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    1. It took me years but I have finally competed my collection. I have all of his books, minus any new ones he publishes in the future! Yes he is amazing! My number one author. My favorite read as of recently has been 11/22/63. Pretty awesome time travel read. My absolute favorites are Thinner and Misery.


      1. That’s incredible!!! 🙌 I only currently have a copy of Carrie so I think I’m going to read that first, but I definitely plan on getting to the ones you mentioned too. The only one I don’t think I could ever read is IT because I am terrified of clowns 😅

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