Wires & Nerve sneak peak

“This two-part series, titled WIRES & NERVE, will take place after Winter (but before the Stars Above epilogue) and feature Iko as the main protagonist… along with a brand-new villain, and maybe a certain Lunar guard as well. (There you have it, Kiko shippers. Did you doubt me??)”

Eeeeek!!!!! 😬😬 I can’t contain my excitement!!! I came way late to The Lunar Chronicles party (read Cinder in August 2015) but man I could not put them down once I picked them up. I heard about the new graphic novels a couple months back. I was so excited. I love all the characters in the series but I have always been drawn to Iko! I’m so happy she is going to have a story of her own now! 

The graphic novel will be released in Jan 2017. 

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